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4th July 2020 

"It is about sharing our experiences and thoughts with you. To help you establish, grow, and expand your business. Only together, we grow stronger." 

- Victor Marin -

iSMART Division

How to Stay Positive: 5 iSMART Division Habits

     1. Find an optimistic perspective in a negative situation.

One simple but very effective way to build a more positive outlook is to ask more helpful. Ask questions as often as possible and do not give up until you have an answer.

In our everyday lives be it personal or work-related, we find ourselves sometimes overwhelmed by negative situations. 

It may be because we feel lazy, made an error, failed, or stumbled in some kind of way. 

In this situation I like to ask my self:

  • Is there an opportunity within this situation?
  • Is it a good one? 
  • Is it a positive one? 

By doing so I help myself discover what is going on. 

Answers and solutions will follow.

     2. Create and live in a positive environment.

More than often, people around us have an influence on us in various ways. One of which is emotional. Think about people around you that tell you " Do not go to this job interview, because you do not have the experience for it". Examples are endless.

Here you lose two times. 

  • because you never tried.
  • because you never explored the opportunity and the outcome it could have provided.

Rejecting and removing negative people or negative work environment is key to you staying positive. Yes, it could be hard. But in the end, you need to be successful and to grow, not being stopped from it by others who do not understand what you truly want to achieve.

     3. Do not let fear hold you back.

I always like to start this topic with this example.

Imagine a child, a year old or a little bit over, having the courage to challenge a person three times their size.

The first time we are introduced to fear is when something sudden, unexpected, or new happens in our lives. We all have experienced it.

The first time riding a bike and falling over, but you got up and tried again.

Or remember the public speaking class? The first time you spoke in front of your colleagues? And then after the moment passed, while on break the fear was gone.

Understand fear and embrace it.  It is not bad or good, but a tool we can use to make better decisions. 

Coming back to the example of the child. He or she knows fear, understands it, and embraces it as it hits the person that is 3 times their size. 

I use this example because we create our fears and we sometimes do not use them constructively. Thus we set ourselves for failure. 

To about this try and understand why is it happening, brainstorm a solution for it, and by the end of this process you will learn to accept and embrace it. 


     4. Add value and positivity to someone else’s life. It costs 0.0 $ .

Best way to explain this is a smile. Every time you smile at someone that notices you, that person will smile back. And we often do it passively, because smiling is part of us being positive people. You do it also when you notice some smiling it you, even if it is for a split second. 

Remember when someone would ask you "Hey, why are you smiling?" And you would not know an answer as to why?

Everything we give to the world eventually comes back. 

Helping out.

Lend a hand when moving. Give a friend a ride in your car.

If someone needs information and you got it, share it. If not provide help or guidance from where to obtain such information. 

Just listening.

Sometimes people don’t want any direct help. They just want someone to listen to them vent for a while.

Lift someone's mood.

Smile. Play uplifting music when hanging out with a friend or if the work environment allows it - most offices allow smooth office music that could be relaxing to most.

Or help someone that had a bad day or are going through a troublesome time.

     5. Exercise regularly and eat and sleep well.

In 2020 is hard to balance a healthy lifestyle, mixed with work, and get some good night's sleep. 

Here are some keynotes:

  • Prioritize your time. 

A to-do list will help you be more organized and set priorities based on what is urgent and less urgent to do. 

  • Know your peaks and troughs

If you are a morning person, then do things in the morning. Do not leave tasks to be completed at night.

  • Plot some personal time

Try to set time for yourself. Read that book you promised you will finish this year. Watch that new tv series. Spend a bit more time with family or friends.

  • Take a break

Remember to take time out during your day. It will help you refresh your mind. It also may help you come up with a new idea for your project or hobby while doing so. 

  • Eat healthy food.

Try and cut down on fast food. 

Try to prepare food at home. There are so many " how to cook..." videos online that teach you how to make french fries, minestrone, or even a delicious caesar salad. 


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