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Campaign TimingĀ 

Campaign Timing 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Data Management

Data Management

Save up to 70%

Save up to 70%

We offer solutions for your business model.

Are you an importer? Exporter? Producer of a product or service? Distributor or re-seller perhaps? Did you just start a new business and need a team to help you get it up and running? Or do you need a support team to focus on increasing sales, while you focus on other important areas of your business?

Regardless of your business model, we have a solution to help grow and support your business model.


Are you ready to crush your business sales targets?

We provide you with the right strategy, technology, and operations to engage your target buyers, fill your pipeline, scale your marketing campaigns, and grow your business.

Why Join Us?

iSMART Division specializes in Performance-based Marketing Solutions that accelerate the B2B and B2C sales process by leveraging Intent among target decision-makers.

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Why Join Us?

"Without marketing, your business may as well exist in an unlit locked vault – no customers are coming in and no sales are going out."

But, with so many avenues to choose from, how does a business know where to start?

Talk to us to know-how. 

"When you’re not quite sure how to proceed – especially in a high-stakes situation like marketing your business – it helps to take a step back and survey the landscape, and ask for help."

iSMART Division can help your business grow

Email Marketing

How We Can Help Increase Your Traffic & Sales?


  • Sending periodic mailings to our own specific databases.
  • The creativity of the flyer and creating unique content.
  • Supervision of mailings.
  • Analysis of the results by studying in detail the opening amount, clicks, click mapping, various other useful reports etc.

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Marketing Strategy and Tactics

"Our roles as marketers are to understand how the consumer wants to purchase a product or service and help them to do so."

It's important to understand how a marketing strategy differs from a digital marketing strategy before implementing one or both at your company. A strategy is an achievable and focused set of steps used to help you reach a specific goal.

Marketing tactics it's the achievable, focused plan for getting you to your target. Tactics are accurate and definable steps within your strategy that guarantee you reach your objective.


successful partnerships



  • Built successful partnerships with over 275 clients since 2018
  • Made over 1.9 million phone calls.
  • Sent over 4.7 million e-mails.
  • Set more than 17,000 sales appointments.
  • Helped close €67.5+ million in new business.

We are so present in the work of our customers that we can call them friends. And you can be among them.

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